About Kshetriya Shri Gandhi Ashram

Kshetriya Shri Gandhi Ashram

At Kshetriya Shri Gandhi Ashram we believe that Khadi is more of an ideology and a way of life. A fact that can be reiterated as it has expanded beyond clothing and fabrics. Known as the ‘Khadi Industry’ today, our range includes everything from leather accessories and home décor to food and ayurvedic products. A variety of body care and hair care products make up our line of personal care products, all of which are pure, handmade and packed with the nourishing and wholesome benefits of nature. These products are made with mild, natural ingredients which are gentle on all skin types and ages.

It is mostly women who are engaged in manufacturing these meticulously handcrafted products in the small-scale industries. These women belong to the rural parts of the country and are often dictated by societal, cultural and economic norms that restrict their access to a source of livelihood. Khadi has been empowering these women by offering them ‘Dwar Pe Rozi’ which literally translates to livelihood at your doorstep. Moreover, the Khadi products are never mass-produced, which further preserves the dignity of hand-labour.

Kshetriya Shri Gandhi Ashram has always been passionate about taking Khadi to new heights of success. Today Khadi products have carved a place for themselves among the young and the old. Following simplicity and perseverance – the two virtues we strongly associate with Khadi, Kshetriya Gandhi Ashram will continue to put in wholehearted efforts to promote our indigenous products in India and across the globe.